Lynette smith - 2009

Lynette (Smitty) started playing football in 1989 with the Melville Warriors after hearing about the women’s league on the 6pm news. In her first year she was voted the club’s Fairest and Best Award. She was also a member of the 1990 and 1991 premiership teams and in 1992, became a committee member with the combined Melville Men and Women’s Football Club, thereby starting her numerous, volunteering roles in the game.

Lynette was also a member of the inaugural State Team in 1994 as the ruck and named in the first ever Team of the Decade (1988-1997). In July 1997, Smitty damaged a cruciate ligament so spent the rest of that season as Assistant Coach for Melville, who changed their name to the Melville Dockers. From 1997 to 2001 Smitty tool on a variety of roles including President, Secretary and Treasurer. In 2007 she pulled on the boots again to assist the Division 2 Melville Sharks team reaching the preliminary finals and reaching her 100th game.

Lynette joined the WAWFL Committee in 1998-1999 as the Competition Coordinator and became the inaugural State Team Manager in 1999 in Melbourne. From 2000-2002 she was the League’s Treasurer and in 2002 Lynette was awarded Life Membership of the WAWFL. After a short time living up north, Lynette returned in 2007 and again became the League’s Treasurer. Lynette also became involved in her beloved club East Fremantle (who had changed their name from Melville). With her longevity at the club, she was honoured with being the inaugural life member after 20 years of service as a player, president and secretary.

Kylie Fuller - 2013

Kylie started with the club (Melville) in 2002 and became the club’s President in 2003 through to 2007, a general committee member in 2009 then was elected as President in 2010. Whilst on the committee, Kylie was involved in implementing various arrangements for the clubs wellbeing and future. In 2003, the club became a more structured committee; Melville women’s team was incorporated in 2006 and negotiated the merger between Melville Dockers and East Fremantle Football Club (the first WAWFL / WAFL affiliation in WA). Kylie also has helped with marketing and fundraising for the club from 2002 to 2007 and in 2010 which included successful negotiated multiple major sponsorships including several 3 year financial deals. Kylie also successfully prepared the application for government and community grants.

Kylie gave her time to the WAWFL board where in 2003 held the position of treasurer and state women’s football team sub-committee from 2003-2004. She was also Melville’s team delegate from 2006-2007. Not only has Kylie given her time and expertise to both committees she has also found time to complete her level 1 coaching course in 2006 attending O-days, school girls carnivals and was girls U21’s competition team manager in 2010.

Jodie mcauliffe - 2013

Jodie first joined Melville in 1998 at the age of 19 playing as a strong, hard full forward renowned for her fierce bumps and hard tackles, it did not take long for her to earn the nickname ‘Plugga’. In her first year of playing, Jodie was awarded Club Rookie. From there she was awarded Leading goal kicker in 2002 and 2003. Jodie was quick to get involved and stepped in to the role of President and continued until 2001 in this position. She was captain in 2001 and 2002 and back on to the committee in 2003 until 2008 as Vice President. She became the President again in 2009 before retiring from the committee. Her football career has seen Jodie play over 200 games for the club and although retiring found the need to play again through to 2016. She has also been a valuable state team member competing in 2003 in Darwin, 2005 in Melbourne, 2006 in Sydney and as a trainer in 2009 in Perth.

Jodie has also given her time to the WAWFL board. She had been a general committee, treasurer and vice president, (where she had to step up and fill the role of president on occasion). Jodie also volunteers for club duties including fundraising O-days to help promote women’s football and helping out in the men’s canteen during their league games.

Marie ricci - 2014

Marie started playing for Melville Dockers in 2003 in jumper #14 and quickly supported the club by being on the committee as a general member. In 2006, Marie became the club’s President. She also was the coach with Silvana. In 2005, Marie damaged her knee so couldn’t see the season out, but instead she became the team’s assistant coach. 2007 brought a new chapter in Marie’s life with her first child. This didn’t stop her from being committed to the club. Marie carried on as secretary until 2012 when she retired. Marie spent 10 years helping out her club and witnessing the changes from Melville Dockers to Melville Sharks and on to the now East Fremantle Sharks. In this time she was the “behind the scenes girl” organising our quiz night with other fundraisers (love her chocolate drives) and presentation nights.

Marie was good at speaking to and attracting new sponsors without even being asked, she would always make time to have a chat with all our sponsors and it wasn’t just because she felt she had to, she actually gave a damn and appreciated the support they were giving the club. Marie is a true work-horse.

Narelle scott- 2018

116 Games, Captain of the reserves for 2 seasons, Part of the Leadership group for many years, Vice President 2018, Volunteer’s Officer 2008, Treasurer 2009 – 2017

Article from the WAWFL 2017 Report
Congratulations to Narelle “Scotty” Scott who has been recognised as the Lynette Smith Volunteer of the Year 2017.

Narelle has been involved with East Fremantle Football Club for the past ten years and has been an integral part of the club, female talent programs and promotion of the League. Her endless commitment to our game is recognised by all those that know her, with the most recent example being when Narelle took on the role of EFWFC Vice President despite having a newborn at the time.

While in the Vice President role, Narelle mentored the new Treasurer (her role before Vice President), coordinated the 30 year players reunion and supportes day, coordinated a fundraiser that raised $4,000, organised all team manager resources, liaised and presented to the East Fremantle Football Club on female football, and was always available whenever the club needed help.

Narelle has been a member of the EFWFC since 2008 and for the past 10 years has been an active participant both on and off field. Narelle played 116 games, was captain of the reserve side for two seasons and was part of the leadership group multiple times. When joining the sharks in 2008 Narelle quickly put her hand up to take on the role of Volunteers Officer, a role that coordinated the duty roster and other volunteers including playing duties. From there Narelle became the Treasurer in 2009, and a member of the EFWFC Executive. She is the only continuous member since this time. When Narelle took on the role of Treasurer, East Fremantle was struggling across various financial aspects. Narelle spent a great deal of time in the early days looking back over receipts and bank records to develop a budget for the club and to ensure that sponsors and fundraising became an integral part of the sharks.

In 2009, the EFWFC was offered the opportunity to run the canteen at the East Fremantle men’s home games. Again Narelle put up her hand and volunteered to run the canteen at every home game while also coordinating the other players to assist this venture. This initiative provided the women’s team with a strong revenue stream that assisted in buying a new uniform and equipment, her effort ultimately led to Narelle being awarded the EFWFC Club Person Of The Year that same year. Narelle’s fundraising efforts have continued across the years including Quiz Nights, Support Days and this season’s Bogan Bingo event, with one Quiz night Narelle coordinated raising the club’s record of over $10,000!

Outside of EFWFC, Narelle also volunteers her time within the wider football community through her roles with School Sport WA (SSWA), as an AFL Ambassador and on District Football Councils.

Narelle became the team manager for the state schoolgirls team in 2012 and has continued in this role for the past 6 years. While the State Schoolgirrls team is run by SSWA, this program has been a key driver in the development of current Roger’s Cup players and future WAWFL stars. In this role, Narelle has developed relationships with many key stakeholders in WAFC, Junior Clubs and WAWFL clubs. Narelle has promoted girls transitioning from school football to WAWFL clubs by ensuring girls are aware of player pathways. Narelle also now volunteers her time as a member of the SSWA management group where she is able to promote female football.

As a primary school teacher, Narelle completed training to be recognised as an AFL School Ambassador in 2009. While Narelle has promoted AFL during work hours to her students, she has also volunteered her time across South Fremantle and East Fremantle to promote female football and increase participation. 

In 2010, Narelle coached a group of Primary School students in an after school  Junior Girls program and in 2011 assisted the South Fremantle District Officer to develop an after school Auskick Centre and volunteered her time as  a coach during the running of the program. Also when working in the South Fremantle District, Narelle was asked to take on the role of Female Football Representative on the South Fremantle District Football Development Council 2011.

In 2016 Narelle volunteered as a member of the East Fremantle District Football Development Council as the Female and Senior Club Representative and saw the introduction of a Junior Girls competition in the East Fremantle District. As part of her role on the EFDFDC, Narelle presented at the District Club Night on the growth and the pathways of female football. Narelle also volunteered her time at a combined East Fremantle/South Fremantle football clinic for girls involving the Fremantle Dockers. In 2017, while heavily pregnant, Narelle found time to attend the first ‘Come and Try day’ for girls which included junior clubs in the East Fremantle District and the EFWFC.

Volunteers are a hugely important part of every sport, and we are thankful for every volunteer that positively impacts our League. The WA Women’s Football League would like to thank Narelle Scott for her timeless effort across the past ten years in all aspects of female football. The WAWFL, in particular the East Fremantle football family, are lucky to have such a dedicated, passionate and committed member. It is with pleasure the WAWFL recognises “Scotty” as the Lynette Smith Volunteer of the Year in 2017.

The Lynette Smith Award is awarded for outstanding volunteer service to the West Australian Women’s Football League. The Lynette Smith Award is named in honour of one of our longest serving and dynamic volunteers. Lynette is both a Life Member of the WAWFL and a Life Member of East Fremantle Football Club.