EFWC have united with PEGY Australia to conquer the 2017 & 2018 seasons, with the local sports apparel specialist joining the club as a gold sponsor.

After relocating from Sydney to Karratha and then to Perth, PEGY’s owner Kim saw there was a lack of quality sports apparel for women and sought to create change. Fitting out a van to become a mobile, air-conditioned display room and fitting facility, Kim began to educate and fit sports women in Karratha and now Perth.

“Womens profile in holistic sports is rising, they are becoming more competitive, more athletic, strong and as versatile as men in their ability so it is important to have a quality sports bras and compression tights to support them” said Kim.

PEGY carries a diverse range of sizes in their sports bras ranging from A/B and B cups through to E, F, FF and G fittings and the apparel is not for just one genotype of prime athletes; they are real products for all women that enjoy sport.

“Compression wear has medical benefits, aids muscle recovery, stimulates blood flow and helps with lactic acid build up and you can feel the difference between quality brands and those which are cheaper.”

Club president Kate Argent spoke of the importance of having PEGY on board as a sponsor:

“It has been enlightening for me, I didn’t realise there was a company like this out there that can ensure women have the right support on the field in terms of their equipment and recovery with sports bras and tights.”

“Kim provides the service of fitting them so you know you’re wearing the right size. The PEGY  service and what they offer really fits in well with what we are trying to do as we step up the professionalism with the players both on and off the field.”

“Sponsorship is absolutely vital for our footy club because we don’t get funding from other sources, all of our budget comes from player fees and sponsorship,

We want to make sure every girl and woman has the opportunity to play, with the support of our sponsors it means we can achieve this”

PEGY will be a gold sponsor over two years with the logo featured on the home and away playing shorts. They will also sponsor an end of season award and have signage at the ground.

To experience the difference and have a fitting, visit the website or email Kim

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